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Logo Design Company in Kolkata – You must follow these points while Logo Design


Youwebsky is one of the best Logo Design Company in Kolkata.

Here are a few important points to follow while you need Logo Design Services.

Logo Design is known as one of the most important design elements related to your business because it – makes you the base of all other stuff – stationery, packaging, promotional materials and graphic design services.


We are aware of some of the really amazing logo design company in Kolkata available on the market. But most of us did not realize that creating these logos is not easy. From the very first thought to the design, a lot goes into making a single logo!


They said – Unfortunately, there is not one or the defined type of logo that works for everyone, let’s take a look at some tests: Successful people must cover this: –

Before you begin – First, you must be very clear about your target audience! This will not only help to clear clarity in our population but will answer some truly detailed questions – such as messages, font styles, color pickings, etc.


Logo design must have some hidden message

Most of us have seen that many logo designs have some hidden messages. Most often, there is some figure between the design elements which is invisible. This is only when we look closely at such people, so you can see hidden messages. This hidden one is actually a message that wants to tell a logo.


Before you start creating a logo with hidden meaning, it is important that you first research the company’s business. Your customer must target a specific set of customers of his or her business. You should try to know more about them.

Learn more about the customer’s market. Research the customer’s competitors and look good on their logos.


Use Right Color Combination for the logo design

This is a big step in the process of building your logo. The right color can increase the client’s brand sense and a good organization may be developed to increase your customer base.

Successful companies use the entire color palette for their logo, which proves that there is no size-fit-all color solution before your logo.

Let’s focus on the common logo colors like red, yellow, blue, green and their derivatives – orange and violet.


Always choose the best font for the logo.

Do not be afraid of the huge number of fonts you see. Mixing the font is also easy for non-designers if they apply specific rules to their choices.

Maximum of three fonts may be required for font and body copy for captions depending on what you are creating. You can add one to set an accent but you can leave it to it. Many fonts will confuse viewers.

The most important thing to do when adding fonts is that two fonts that are very similar will not work, because they will not affect viewers. You can create conflicts using different styles eg Serif and Sense-Serif using the same font family’s thin and bold, 12-ST and same-24-sized sizes of the same fonts.


Simplicity Design

Simplicity is a direct result of all the above points. We love humans that are easy to process automatically. It is very easy to have a logo as easy as it is, and as a simple explanation for yourself.

It makes the logo easy to look at and understand, which customers really appreciate.


Should be Rememberable Logo

Since the logo generally appears on the marketing affiliate, web store or website, it is required to make easily recognizable and easy to remember. If you want to bring your logo under your influence then you want to awaken your brand-related positive feeling.

Hire Youwebsky for your business logo design services.

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