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Five Effective Strategies for Logo Designing

When it comes to effective branding, a logo is an essential component to consider. While even today most local businesses can survive without having a website, they cannot differentiate themselves from the competition without a visual signature. Businesses, whether online or offline and international or local, require custom-made logos to establish their brand. In fact, you can speak to a logo design company for conceptualizing your business’ logo. Let’s have a look at the strategies for logo designing;

1. Clear and Concise
Since your logo will be used in print as well as web applications at various sizes and resolutions, it needs to be short and clear. When designing a logo for food and beverages, leisure and games start-ups, the design should be playful enough. However, rigid logos can be designed for corporations or companies that are into legal ad real estate. For example, the classic logo of Black & Decker with its nut icon and condensed font, even though simple, looks distinctive and daring.

2. Logo Application
It is recommended to use 72 dpi resolution for websites and 300 dpi for brochures, stationery and billboards. The main motif should be to create an easily identifiable image by making use of contrasting lines, alignment, colour and shape.

3. Conceptualization
The majority of the designers have printed pieces, illustrating quality designs. They use them as an inspiration for starting with another assignment. Other stimuli include noting down the company’s goals and using the thesaurus for better descriptive words. This is done so that your logo begins to take a proper shape after combing the imagery words. These ideas are further sketched, allowing overlapping of the pre-set ideas and finding out how different components work together.

4. Logo Types
Generally, logos are available in two different types, which are vector logos and image logos. Where an image logo doesn’t work at different sizes, a vector logo can be scaled to fit into any requirement.

5. Development
Just like the above, font selection is equally very important and it needs more or less similar effort. For word recognition shape plays an essential part. Contrasting fonts are often used to add interesting detail to the design. If you already have a logo with white type on a dark background and you do not like it much, then compensate the illusion by a heavier typeface. Also, use larger point size. It is a big No-No to reverse a typeface with thin lines or serifs as it will be more difficult to read. However, when you have a good professional logo maker online by your side you need not worry about this.

It’s 2018 and you must be wondering about the latest trends in logo designing. Well, to by the prediction everything from unique topography, form simplification to animation is what expected to come in play. Simple colour palettes will be used more as they create more colour sense. What is going to be new is the use of abstract photographic textures. It is a must watch out for as it is likely to make your business shine more. Even you can consider having one of them. There are many designers today who are working on such innovative ideas.

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