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It’s very easy to get carried away when it comes to website re-designing. The opportunity to exercise one’s creativity can be overwhelming even for some of the reputable web designers here at Youwebsky Website Redesign Company. If not careful, the excitement can actually make one veer away from the main objective of giving the website Design a new look; which is having an all-inclusive website that answers all your website visitors questions.

Unlike other providers of Website Redesign service, our website designers will solely focus on the visual design of the site and forget about the functionality, content, and SEO. If a website already has good traffic and the website is poorly redesigned, it is highly likely that they will lose most of the visitors.

Although everyone wants an attractive looking website, what will this benefit you if it won’t be able to convert the traffic into paying visitors? Ultimately, the failure or success of any company will depend on three main factors; traffic, functionality, and conversions.

Top Considerations for a Website Redesign

1. Planning makes a big difference

To redesign your website in a manner that will see remarkable results, we advise that you collaborate with providers of Custom Website Design Service in developing a blueprint for the new site. Our website designers will help carry out a comprehensive research to determine the target audience. We also consider good community mapping, keyword research and market research as key to ensuring that the plan for the new website is SEO focused, functional and at the same time still eye-catching.

2. The structure of the website

Our professional Web Development Company will tell you that the purpose of redesigning a website is not simply to give it a fresh look. You are also looking at reorganizing the structure of your website to ensure that there is an optimal display of information to increase the effectiveness of the site. Structure considerations for the new website should also put into consideration tablets, mobile phones and other smart gadgets from where people might want to check out your website.

3. Quality content

Content creation is an important aspect of every digital marketing campaign. We consider the content on the website to be very important in ensuring conversions. That’s why it’s important to put high consideration into the visibility, quality, and relevance of the content put on your new website. Our Web Redesign Company can help you strategize on the type of content that will be effective for your website.

4. SEO Focus

SEO focused websites are not just about the keywords in the content of the website. We also consider the kind of coding on your website as this will determine the ease by which search engine spiders can crawl to your website. Another important factor for Youwebsky E-commerce website design & development company is the page load times. We will ensure that the redesign does not lead to the website loading more slowly thereby chasing away visitors.

Bottom line

A website redesign is a critical action to take in any digital marketing campaign. At Youwebsky, a Website Redesign Company, we will also test for your new website and make sure that it adheres to compliance regulations. To ensure that your newly redesigned website meets its purpose, we will include professionals from diverse backgrounds including social media managers, sales team, SEO team and copywriters in the redesigning of your website.

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