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Leading SEO Consultant Kolkata Guide On Top SEO Mistakes

You have a website but don’t have an SEO consultant, then here are a few guidelines that you can quickly check yourself.
Have you hired SEO consultant, then they should have immediate attention on that issue.

Google has updated their algorithms. Penguin and Panda to protect link spamming and poor content quality, Pigeon to focus on local results and new machine learning techniques such as RankBrain to strengthen the accuracy of the main algorithm.

Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Choose keywords that are very popular. If the keyword is very popular, then you must work hard to improve the ranking.

If you choose a very long keyword, you will not be able to get the appropriate traffic as a highly targeted keyword phrase.
Choosing the right keywords can create or break your SEO campaign.

the Google Website Keyword Suggestion tool will help you find keywords that are good for your site.


Using Keyword Stuffing

You can consider using your targeted keywords in each of your ratings to increase your rating. That strategy may not be more wrong with that strategy actually hurts the performance.


Creating Content That’s Not About Your Keywords

Another common error in SEO optimization is not really about your keyword. The problem is that you want to rank for a particular keyword, but you have failed to focus on text on your target topic. Search engines like Google want to serve people with the most relevant content for users’ search terms. So if your content does not answer users’ needs, they will not rank well.


Skipping Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Leaving the title tag and Meta Descriptions empty is also very common. This keyword is the most important place, because it does not only help you in optimization, but the text of your title is showing in search results as your text.


Lack of consistency and maintenance

If you want to be successful, you need to permanently optimize your site, keep an eye on competitors and – change in search engine ranking algorithms.
Do not invest in a fast and mobile-friendly experience.


SEO optimization is not just about content and keywords. This is also on the quality of your website, especially on mobile devices, which is today’s top choice for users. Google and other search engines can identify when your website is not mobile-friendly.


Backlink spamming

It is a common misconception that it more backlinks are always better and because of this webmasters resort to link farms, forum, spam etc., which can ultimately be banned from their sites.

Forgetting About Analytics

The only way to know that if your SEO optimization and content efforts are tracked in their progress work is to ignore the number of marketers, but this is a serious mistake. Your optimization results are set up and regularly reviewed by your analysis.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are just the key tools you can count on and take an overview of your website’s performance. With their help, you can see how your optimization is working for a wide variety of content and is using the various strategies you are using.


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