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SEO Company in Kolkata will guide you how SEO Ranking Signals Matters

Every Year, Google tend is to offer a new rating system.

In the year 2014, HTTPS became a new rating mark. In 2015, next year, mobile applicability becomes a new rating mark. Brains came in front of 2016, and in the year 2017, HTTPS websites experienced a necessary push.

Now in 2018 this year, the speed of mobile page can be considered as the next huge ranking sign. The good news is that rating directors are moving forward to optimize the user.


Now Our SEO Company in Kolkata will help you to focus on some key factors in 2018


Publish standard content: The content of your weblog and website quality is important for the year 2018. Demand for the content of your website to provide accurate and valuable information, because pages with no known information can return to harass you.

Top quality content is the page which reduces the bounce rate, increases the time on the page, and provides relevant and useful content to the visitor. Contact the best SEO agency in Kolkata for excellent results.


A mobile-friendly website: When everything is about website ranking, Google recommends a form for responsive websites. Provide quality search engine optimization services to be a quality mobile-friendly website.

Create a secure website design. 30% of page-1 Google outcomes have been utilizing HTTPS. Whereas not shifting to HTTPS would not harm your website as several modifications took place. Since Google first declare HTTPS as a rating sign back in the year 2014.


Develop Your Skills: User experience impact on SEO. You will lose user traffic if your website carries irrelevant content in an unattractive manner. If you can not deny the fact that Magnificent consumer is making huge customers in India, you must have a consistent and well-designed website. And if you do not, then you will gradually reduce targeted customers.


Some remarkable ranking elements are just given to you above. For top ranking search engine marketing, please contact Best Web Design Company in Kolkata and experience business growth.



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