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SEO Company in Kolkata will guide you about Latest Google’s Ranking Factors

The search engine optimization community is growing rapidly. However, SEO Experts is not a perfect solution for Google’s search algorithm, and they always seek new ways to find the best in Google’s updated algorithm.

If you are looking for SEO companies in Kolkata, you will get many people handling SEO. The following ranking factors will give you a good idea of how you can do SEO.


Check the quality of your website content.

Before finding any SEO service in Kolkata, you must have the right knowledge about the content on your website. A successful blog or website requires quality content to match Google’s latest algorithm. Now more blog posts get more popularity. You need to publish quality content on your site.


Learn about Domain Power

The exact keywords on the domain remove more traffic from the web. However, there is no evidence that the same happens. The algorithm changes, and we do not know.


Improve your website links

With backlinks, your website may increase more biological traffic. When your website has a lot of backlinks, you can get good traffic to your site. People who search the web can visit your site by clicking on available links on other blogs. This is the power of backlinks that is very important for blogs. Backlinks are directly related to updates to Google algorithms.


Mobile traffic

70% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Most of the websites are now compatible with smartphones and while you are accessible through smartphones, you have a more familiar UI of websites.


Anchor text effects

Anchor works as text keywords on your website that help attract more traffic to your visitors. Backlinks containing anchor text or anchor text shows Google what is in that page, and most of what the page is about recommending using the SEO anchor text, and that’s the website Google algorithm understands the contents of your web pages.


Page Speed Optimization

The speed of your website makes future decisions. If your website grows faster, you will definitely get high traffic and this page speed will work for you. Websites with a slow page do not rank well and cannot receive much traffic to compare sites that are loaded rapidly. There are some specialized tools available in the market that make your site and web pages load faster. You can use these websites to increase the speed of websites.


Understanding the schema code

Most people worry about the high ranking of their websites in Google search results. However, they do not understand Google through the very concept of attracting more visitors. With the proper schema code, Google may update your web site’s contents, phone numbers, reviews, etc. Will follow. The small business listed on Google attracts the local audience and thus their business will grow.


Learn the power of the brand.

If your brand is very popular, it will provide valuable information for Google’s algorithm. Branded search generates more web traffic and it will affect more users. Many social media networks also attract users and links run through social media networks will ultimately create more traffic. This is the power of social signaling and brand strength.


The entire user interface of the website.

The website’s user interface determines the future of your blog or business. When the site has a user-friendly user interface, it will show the right message to Google’s algorithm.
Eventually, your blog or website will start to get more traffic.

When users like the full UI, the same people will come to your site again and again. If yes, your website’s user interface is easy to use and more user-friendly.


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