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SEO Company in Kolkata Guide You to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2018

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This is 2018 and the backlinks are no exception as policies change. Link building is an old method but its importance is still due to its effective SEO techniques.

It is a unique way of getting organic search traffic. The main search engines use links to determine the credibility of the website, so you need to be careful about how you can earn it.


Creating Back-links

If a website pointing to a lot of links, then it gets more credibility and it will remain at the top of search engines. There was a time when the website owners used the wrong tools to create back-links, and then Google made its policy stricter and only the clean ones get through.

Its good, if You are hiring a web design company in Kolkata, that offers digital marketing services as well. Read this post to know the smart ways to get free quality back-links for SEO.


Here are Few great strategies to improve high-quality backlinks :


Guest Blog Posting

Guest postings are about providing content only on another blog or website, and in return, the owner exchanges a link to his / her own website. You can keep these links merged with the body of the material or the author of the content in the bio. This is quality and is a very popular method of getting quality back-links. One gets free content, while others are composite.

Now the poor quality material availed by this facility has been used due to the fact that it is not actually used but they have linked one such post reducing the quality of the post.


Google has not given a strong warning about the guest post in such cases. Many serious website owners are still using this feature and the primary thing is to find out which sites you may present content on. You can also search your competitor guest posts to find the option of finding guest posts in your niche can find a site inside your niche. You must submit your post and if the quality check is done then it will be published only and you will get a link.

Would you have commented on the comment and wondered whether it works or not? Yes, commenting can help blog quality to be secondary but not spam on anyone’s blog.


Use Great Content

It’s a useful way of collecting unique and useful content that will get a high-quality back-link on your site. If you always create content that is bigger if not better using more number of words, more useful points, and images. This is a smart way to get quality back-links.


Building broken links

Almost all well-kept and reputable websites will suffer from a link to a page on other pages and from each link. Now that you are looking to create high-quality back-links, you need to know that broken links will contribute to a bad user experience when page 404 redirects to an error page.

It is also possible to crawl and index the site for search engines. Broken link building is very useful, there is a great way to create back-links free for my website. This policy is about identifying broken links on all websites and then giving them an opportunity to improve the broken link with the appropriate link for useful content. The content will definitely be on your website. In this way, other sites will have fewer broken links, visitors will find useful content and you will get high-quality back-links free.


Now you understand how important the back-links are, and it does not happen in a day, it is a continuous process that requires experience and skill.

There is a team of well-known SEO companies in Kolkata who can create back-links themselves. They study your website, do a lot of research, and create a high-quality back-links list which makes it easy to get the best backlinks, which means good SEO.



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