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101 modern web design trends for 2018

Web design trends changing, as a reaction to technological and cultural changes. Here are few latest trends that will make your site more modern.


1. Create Minimal and Easy Design

Minimalism trend continues with even more blank white spaces. Especially for a clean, multipurpose flexible design.
Easy is made through slow but detailed Animations. Small but focused bold content on the screen. This ensures that the visitor sees his message for the first time.

As you know that — the First impression of the Website will last longer.


2. Responsive Website & Logos

As Google moved to Mobile first. Web Developers are now very much comfortable with Responsive Web Designs. And this comfort can now be seen in the logo design. Thank you, Google
In 2018, their website must have a brand responsiveness website and logo in order to maintain your presence in front of a targeted audience.


3. Minimal Image Shots

Images with a plain background are focused on specific details. It’s best to grab a user’s attention on specific items
This trick is used extensively in the e-commerce industry. Now web designers are embracing it to increase CTA.


4. The site will have More Negative Spaces

Web designers continue to use lots of blank spaces. That blank space forces the user to see something unique. Guess What?
You got it, there is nothing other than your product to sell with your Optimized CTA.


5. Use Bright Gradients & Vibrant Colors

After a long time gradients, colors are back on the web. Gradients 2.0 with identifiable colors are becoming more popular.


6. Big Bold & Typography fonts

Web Designers are turning Typography into a tool to create attractive new artwork. In 2018 Web Design is not rotating around some typing. They use 5-6 Typos is used in combination.
Big size characters are replacing images. It will bring big and bold typo into web design trends.

In 2018 the web design is making huge progress, perhaps more than any previous year.

We as a creative web design company can provide the best and modern web design services for your new or old business.


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