Latest Web Development Trends to Watch Out for!

There is no denying that the demand for web development skills is as high as ever. In fact, the scope of what the professionals can do is immense. It is expected that 2018 will witness more demand for custom web development company to meet business’ requirements. Here’s a list of elements that is likely to reshape the web development industry in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to the future of technology, then artificial intelligence has the upper hand. And with easier access to the equipment required for AI development, developers can now start using AI in different ways in this New Year. Already there are a few developers who have started developing AI-driven websites. As for the procedure, the developers will ask questions about layout, content, colours and branding to create a website based on the pre-programmed algorithms.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has already entered the gaming industry, bringing new possibilities. Well, VR is not limited here as companies like Mozilla and Google are working on APIs to assist VR technology transition. More applications are expected to be developed by using VR technologies. In the near future, the demand for virtual reality in applications will grow.


IoT is Internet of Things, which is movement through which non-internet connected objects are provided with network connectivity to send or receive data. Well, these objects can be anything from kettle, toaster, and sensors on motors to concrete that is embedded with sensors for detection of cracks. Although a custom web development company may not get directly involved in developing such devices, they are likely to be involved more in creating applications that are able to use, analyse and display data from the devices. It is no secret that IoT comes with a lot of opportunity for innovation, but then some security concerns have been raised surrounding it. Well, web developers are going to face great challenges in protecting websites from hackers.

Yarn Package Manager

This is quite a popular tool, particularly in JavaScript communities. These package managers can prove to be helpful for the developers as they let the professionals update, configure and install or install the code modules easily within their applications. The managers communicate with the registry of code modules in order to manage so many dependencies code modules.

NPM and Bower are two of the most popular JavaScript managers. Recently, Facebook too has developed a package manager in collaboration with Tilde, Google and Exponent.

Static Website Generators

They develop a website from a typical plain text that is stored in files and not in the databases. Sometimes, static websites that are created by generators like Jekyll offer some advantages, like increased speed, ease of deployment and of course, security. But then, they do not have any real-time content. But with content delivery networks as well as APIs content deployment has become quite easy.

Additionally, movement-based interface, bolder topography and storytelling videos are a few things that are likely to replace the traditional web development styles.

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