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How image and voice seach Optimisation will work in SEO Services in Kolkata

Our world has changed a lot and SEO technologies too. We as an SEO company in Kolkata seems to be responsible for the modern updates of SEO services in Kolkata.

Image SEO and Voice Search Optimization are two new developments in the Search Engine Optimization field. Youwebsky has a team of experts who experience both image and voice search optimization.


How Do Images Get Ranked in Image Search?

When searching for images in search engines, do you ever think about why some pictures show up before others?

Image search technology in the major search engines depends on the specific keywords (file size, file type, resolution, etc.) for certain keywords. The images are indexed by the URL that appears and the text associated with the page in that URL.

Sometimes, the text on those pages is not appropriate for the image presented on those pages. Using a combination of classification elements, one way to classify the images may be related to the question they used during the search provided to the people seeking them.



People all around the world are using smartphones. The increase in usage of mobile phones also increases the voice search in it. According to the latest update from Google, all websites should be mobile friendly and this change will be completed by mid-2018.

Most likely, people are using voice search to search for information on the Internet as voice aids, such as their smartphones, tablets or Amazon echo or Google home devices.

Therefore, it is not surprising the increase in voice search. The fastest way to get results through the Internet.


How to optimize your website for voice search

Search keyword phrases that you type on your computer, voice search is more natural and conversational. Voice search also usually focuses on mobile devices.

The complete purpose of these new SEO technologies is for the device that provides better results for searchers. To do this, the devices try to find content that is easily identifiable, small and relevant to serve search engines.


Here are some tips from Top SEO services in India, to help you with voice search optimize.


Claim your Google My Business listing

Many voice searches are localized to help you increase your chances of showing voice search for your business location or local business category by having your claim from the updated Google My Business list.


Interactive keywords

Now keywords are no longer just keywords. We are long-tail+ Keywords for voice search. You need to add that “Plus” while optimizing your search.


Structured data markup

Use these structured data markup (applying the correct schemes) to give these voice search tools for more information.
The data markup is crucial to your site. It describes more details information and makes it easier for search engines to perfectly analyze your content and understand the context.

We as an SEO Company in Kolkata, provide highly reliable SEO services in India, and it definitely includes image and voice search optimization.


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