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How to improve visitor attention for your business website

Do you lose visitors to your website? Is your business site receiving insufficient attention?
You are very upset because you had an excellent ranking and you received a lot of relevant traffic that even potential customers, e-mails, phone calls, e-mails, and sales generated.

But suddenly your website gets no attention and you are alarmed. Check your review now to see what has gone seriously.

You should not panic, because a web design company in Kolkata can certainly do something about it.


The reasons why your website could lose attention?

Many people are of the opinion that creating a website is just a design, but a real design has a specific discipline and a lot of perfection.

In addition to the design, the placement of flashy and suitable content also plays a very important role. View the details of why your website loses attention and how you can get rid of it:


Outdated design

Each book is judged on its cover, it is even true for websites. Visitors do not visit a website with an old design format because they find the design uncomfortable.

As a solution, you can opt for a renewal of a professional website design company. Nowadays there is no room for simple HTML designs, you have to implement the best knowledge to design an attractive and technically sound website.


The content is inappropriate

Web design is not only about pixels, images, colors, and images with a high resolution. Content, the type of text also plays an important role. Too much or too little content is not acceptable, try to adjust the optimal content and it must have a quality.

The content to be placed must not contain any typographical or grammatical errors. Use professional and larger fonts to make people easy to read.


The navigation structure is not clear.

Visitors must land on a website and continue looking for information. There are websites that are so complicated and the navigation options are not easy to use.

Bad browsing prevents visitors and is also harmful to SEO. The best thing to solve this problem is to employ the best team of designers who know about it.

The designer must stay on the visitor’s site and then make an easy-to-use navigation. Consider the needs of the user and restructure the navigation.


Your website depends on old plug-ins.

Visitors do not have time to install outdated add-ons to read sales content. It is better to use HTML 5 for all animations and videos so that users get a completely new and better experience.

There would be users who would not see the videos, for them to add a transcription, a summary, and notes.


Automatically playing videos on your website.

Visitors usually click the “Back” button when they encounter a video against the automatic play. So this is definitely something that rejects visitors.

In today’s time people enjoy freedom and flexibility, they would want to choose what kind of content they would use and use.


Annoying registration requirements

Closed content certainly helps stimulate sales, but the limitation of registration requirements has a direct impact on the conversion rate. When creating the record, make sure that the fields you add are necessary or not.


A slow loading website is unacceptable

The world is fast and accelerates from day to day, therefore a slow loading website would lose relevant traffic.

Most consumers wait 2 seconds to load the website and leave a website that takes more time. If your site is facing the problem, work and optimize the load time of the page.


Missing call-to-action

According to research that has been observed, nearly 80% of normal B2B websites lose the call-to-action button.

It is about not mentioning the sale and is certainly attracting visitors. It is important to ask your customers for action and this can be done with a convincing call-to-action button.


Now you know why your website is not filled enough, you need experts to work with if your site is facing one of the problems.

There are so many reputable web design companies in Kolkata that offer all kinds of solutions, including website redesign. Make sure your website is in the hands of experts.



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