SEO Company in Kolkata

SEO Company in Kolkata

How SEO Company in Kolkata is Staying Updated on Latest Google Changes

The SEO company in Kolkata has seen a rise in demand. With each company that realizes its potential and observes the advantages that may be increased by hiring outside facilitate.

Youwebsky is one amongst the most effective SEO companies in Kolkata. however, we have a tendency to carry on with the growing demands is adapting to ever-changing wants.


As an SEO professional, we have a tendency to track new developments in this field.

Listed below square measure 2 recent developments of that any SEO professional price whereas ought to take into consideration.


Support JavaScript sites:

Good news for all sites that believe heavily on JavaScript. Earlier this year, Google updated 2 of its essential tools, the easy take a look at the tool for mobile devices and also the rich-results take a look at the tool, to support JavaScript sites.


The friendly take a look at the tool for mobile devices, as its name suggests, is employed to evaluate however simple and cozy the user’s expertise is from the mobile.


Easily passable sites, once accessed from mobile phones, square measure sites optimized for mobile devices. The term “rich results” suggests that “search results that transcend normal blue ink”. This takes a look at measures and displays the “enriched results” that a specific website will generate.


Short snippets of search results:

One of the items that SEO professionals take plenty of effort is that the excellent description that matches the content.


Plenty of your time is dedicated to creating meta descriptions long to extend the length of Google’s search results fragments; This, however, can now not be necessary.


Google has ablated the length of the fragments, solely months once having multiplied them within the 1st place.

It is, perhaps, the moment for SEO professionals United Nations agency emphasizes the foremost intensive descriptions of Meta to breathe simply. Google now not depends heavily on descriptions of Meta to create fragments.

Most of the fragments shown by Google were obtained from the contents of the page and not from its Meta description.



The amendment is that the solely constant within the field of search engine optimization. Despite this inconsistency, the SEO company in Kolkata has not been inferior to its game A. As Google brings changes in its formula to classify pages, the most effective SEO firms in Kolkata stay earlier than these abrupt changes, that is what helps them survive despite stiff competition.


At Youwebsky, we offer skilled SEO service in India of international norms for our shoppers.

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