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Great Steps to deal with Negative reviews in Google

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In these days, small business owners facing a problem with fake negative feedback.

In the online world, it is extremely easy to create a new account and leave a positive or negative evaluation for any company, regardless of whether you have ever tried to hire it.

For companies getting a bad negative review is terrible! Reviews are a very important part of any online business and this is the reason why companies offering SEO services in Kolkata are also focusing on online reputation management.

Google has tons of policies for users who leave reviews. But in my experience, they are terrible at automatically detecting violations of these policies. In our agency, our team spends time every month reviewing carefully the reviews of our clients and their competitors.


Steps to manage with negative reviews:

Local companies depend a lot on the Internet to get new customers, so you also have to be prepared for a bad review.

Here are some steps to handle the negative criticism in Google.


Do not panic with that:

You put all your blood and sweat into your business and if you see it collapse you really feel upset. But a bad review is not the end of the business, so do not worry.

Sit down with your team and evaluate the situation, see if the person is your client or not. If it’s your old client, find out what you invested in and you can also go to the tracked customer service calls.


Respond to negative criticism quickly:

It is best to respond within 24 hours and keep the response short. Write about all the good services you promise to offer in the future. Answer politely if it was an error on your part, excuse me and make sure this does not happen in the future. Maintain an adequate way to respond to customer dissatisfaction; Be quick to respond about offering better customer service. Read how other companies handle negative criticism and the best responses to negative criticism.


Dispute false reviews:

There are a few people who want to ruin the good reputation of their company and that is why they continue to publish false comments. If you find false reviews, simply check and report to Google. Try answering a fake review also because sometimes it may not be deleted.


Google allows you to flag and fake once, Here how to go.

Go to Google Maps and find your business.


Click and you can see the entire review to discover the one you want to mark
You can see three vertical points, just click on them and you will see ‘Mark as inappropriate’.

Now, if things get worse, you can also take a legal step against false assessments by simply filling out a Google form to request legal removal. Note: you must hire a legal professional if you follow this path.


What if we eliminate negative feedback?

Most of the time Google refuses to eliminate bad reviews from Google, but sometimes it is possible and it’s great if you can make it happen. You can post against the review that offers a 100% refund and this shows how much you care about a bad experience.

No business is perfect, but mistakes must be resolved. How happy do you feel about a 5 star or 4.5 stars? So, why not deal with a negative criticism so that your business reputation does not fog up?


Sharing your dilemma can help

Everyone wants to eliminate and eliminate Google reviews that are negative but are not in our hands. If you have compiled a couple of negative reviews, post them on Facebook or Twitter and you may receive an overwhelming response.

Share your experience with people regarding the negative reviews and you could gather some positive ones in this process. If you are doing a great business, you will have clients who will support you and support you in case of a crisis.


Final words – Hire a professional

Now you know how to deal with fake and negative feedback in Google. If you feel you can not do it on your own because you need to concentrate on your business, hire the best SEO company in Kolkata. They have a team that is always ready to manage their business to flourish online.


There are so many companies in Kolkata; You must spend some time researching and discovering a company that has experience in offering such services. Youwebsky is one of those digital marketing companies in Kolkata that offers a wide range of services to its clients.




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