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Great SEO Techniques to Boost Website Traffic

Every day, Google changes in its ranking algorithm. Some are very small tweaks; others seriously change the SERPs. This post of SEO Services Kolkata will focus on such areas that, in my experience, have a positive impact and a big return on investment.


Google Prefer –Mobile First

Google is now doubling down on mobile, giving notice that where pages content is not easily accessible to a user from the mobile search results, that may not rank as highly.”
The Google index is now going mobile first and you must have a mobile-friendly page, else you will likely take a hit in the SERPs.


That’s especially true for websites using unwanted ads. If you aren’t certain as to whether your website meets the criteria for being mobile friendly, log in to your Search Console account and view the Mobile Usability Report. Google will report all mobile issues there, so you can take the appropriate action and fix it.


Make Proper Keyword Research for your Website

When people use keywords or phrase to find anything and research actual search terms – that people enter into search engines.

1: Make a list of important, related topics based on what you know about your business.
2: Fill in that topic with keywords.
3: Research related search keyword terms.


Our SEO Company Kolkata will help to get best keyword research for our business.


Work on your Website’s Meta description, Meta Tag, and Title

Before deciding the meta description ask yourself if the title exactly describes the content of the website or is the describe strong enough to attract clicks?
If you have already created one, then consider updating it by utilizing best tools and proper practices.


Improve the user experience by solving all the on-page technical issues

Google always suggest the webmasters focus on their primary things on providing a better user experience.
As the algorithm gets “smarter”, websites that do so are positioned to benefit the most. A good user experience goes much deeper than a good user experience writing clean code.


Use proper Internal Links structure to improve content search visibility

On your landing page, use descriptive anchor texts and add it to related pages with the same topics on the previous pages. Do not create too many links from a page because the fewer pages you link to have a few authority as you.


Use Schema for a Local Search Improvement

Searchmetrics reported that over a third of Google search results incorporated Rich Snippets that supported by Schema.

Schema.org is a collection of different HTML tags that can be added to a Website page. These tags create an enhanced description that appears in search results which commonly known as rich snippets.
We use Schema to create Rich Snippets for Organizations, Services, Events, Music, People, Products, Recipes, Review Ratings, and Videos.


Make it an Informative and compact website

Always respond to all your customer inquiries and take care of their issue. Provide important, accurate and rich content that is valuable and provides your visitors with what they exactly search for.

I hope that you like the above information. Our affordable SEO Service in Kolkata, India is attempting to follow all the guidelines of Google to improve your SERP ranking. We always eager to follow the latest SEO guidelines.


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