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Why Should I create Google AMP version Website!


AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a framework for creating hypermobile, user-friendly pages. Google announced in the second half of 2015, the AMP pages were discovered in the spring in the search result.

We as a Creative Web Design Company are expertise to create an AMP site for your website AMP.

In this blog we’ll discuss what is AMP, connect an AMP to your website, there are some benefits of AMP and why should you make your website AMP.


What is Google AMP?

Google has created “instant articles” and semi-free answers to Apple News (more on the above), AMP is a type of Website Design that uses almost everything, but loading the page is really very easy, really fast.

AMP pages are an eye-catcher. Verbally, this is a strange thing for mobile users on a slow telephone network, especially because of the section on responsive web design, which may be pages that are well-designed for mobile in the form of conflict but do not reduce the load.


Why should Google AMP be added to my website?

1. It provides a great user experience for your visitors.
2. Its built-in technological model, it clearly provokes a content blocker that prevents advertising.
3. And be honest, it’s big – Google will treat your AMP pages specifically.


Google displays AMP results before any other search results. If you have an AMP page and are linked to this search, you can call up the carousel of the advertised content at the top of the search results. I can not emphasize the benefits.

Google officially says the AMP is one of the many indicators in the ranking. That’s right. There are many hints with the page Mobile Friendly and faster.
I was asked if the Google Amp page is inappropriate for this plan, depending on how you describe the rules. Only AMPs do not reach your pages higher than the sites with the highest and fastest mobile devices. But if you take the place of all, you get more than traditional search results.


Will not add Google AMP to my website?

With no extra effort to add an AMP site to your main page? The most attractive reason is that AMP’s web addresses can be found on publisher’s websites, but not on Google.com.

AMP cache URLs that most users never see and can ignore.
This means that anyone who shares your AMP page does not share your website, so your site will not receive SEO advertising. Modern algorithmic web retrieval algorithms mean that publicly available links are relevant to relevancy (it’s true whether the search engine is Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu). There are no links = opinions = no PageRank contribution

Other problems are limited to branding; AMP sites look more like Google sites than their own brands. Videos, social media posts, ads, animations, audio, and analytics can only be distributed through Google’s AMP components. All Java scripts that are hosted on the Google AMP Content Delivery Network must be one of the pre-approved Google scripts.


Why does AMP exist?

Google wants to manage the information of the world and make it universally accessible and useful”. It has become the most profitable advertising organization in the world and works tirelessly to stay on top.


Wrapping up

AMP offers some really powerful benefits – improved website speed, ease of use, and more revenue – but for publishers who have time to fully implement the AMP version of their AMP site and assign an address to the tracking problem in the analysis.

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