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Few Important steps to launching a successful website


It’s really easy to launch a Website Design that standing out of the crowd. You need a proper understanding of your own business – and then follow the following seven steps to make the right decision.


Website Planning

You can follow that steps to get the best result:


⦁ Use your business and marketing plans, especially when budgeting
⦁ Set up a firm budget and allow contingencies. For a better build, allow at least $ 6,00   for customized, basic websites. It will increase the efficiency and build more cost.
⦁ Build Web Designer Rental: We ask you to provide a brief document to help you understand your needs.
⦁ Choose a top-level domain name and try to get .com and .co.in.

Research Website Hosting and Platform

Do a little research, revolve around, check out online platforms and ask your web developer to display examples of good hosting providers and web platforms. Find a High-Quality Website Hosting Provider.


⦁ Choose a good hosting plan – Quick server website will make a big difference in utilities and conversions.
⦁ In case of relationship sours to avoid hosting with the designer on your website – we have no locked-in policy at Youwebsky!


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Our secret tip to choose a great website hosting.

Now you have to find a high-quality website or content management system (CMS) and select it.
Make sure you check the platform features. We recommend WordPress that it has excellent performance and it is easy to use. We recommend Shopify for online shops – it’s very easy to use again with a very good list of artists.


Considering website design and utility.

The design of your website is important for two reasons. A good design believes in your business. A usable design ensures that people can find the content or information they are looking for.

Consider how your website can be used to ease your sales process. Consider how your website receives new leads from potential customers.


⦁ Navigation is usable and persistent on every page, think of taking a sticky navigation (that always stays on the page).
⦁ Avoid Flash and gimmicks that keep your customer’s focus away from the important content.
⦁ Create a Sitemap (the representation of your website’s architecture).


Proper Content Planning

Writing for the Website is very different. You need to track what content you need and what your audience should be searching for in the future. Read our tips on writing a copy for your new website. Also, plan for the image – Large beautiful images can really affect your visitors.


Optimize Your Website (SEO)

⦁ Works in most modern browsers eg, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox.
⦁ It’s responsive – it can be easily readable on mobile phones and tablets.
⦁ It’s fast to load.
⦁ The content, page titles and images ‘alt’ tags are optimized.


Use online marketing to Engage Customers.


A newsletter or email list is the best way to get people engaged with your web content regularly. Your website should be part of your marketing plan, which means that by:

⦁ Use online channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
⦁ Offline Channels such as the group you are or press to release.


Make sure you set up website analytics (Google Analytics Free) so that you can test and measure your website’s marketing efforts

Use Advertising (Facebook and Google AdWords) to increase traffic to your website and to create a list of your email customers.


Stay safe and Secure:

Update and protect your website regularly and build the built-in framework (eg Modify WordPress), otherwise, you are opening up for hackers yourself. Some restrictive steps:

⦁ Using high-level usernames and passwords (no ‘admin’ and ‘password123’).
⦁ Keep your platform software and any plugins/modules up to date.
⦁ Consider the external security monitoring software beyond the above and your website hosting providers.


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