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Why Your eCommerce Store Need a Responsive Website Design

As a business owner in any industry, it is important to have your eyes on the market as per market perspective and how your customer behaves timely on time.

In the online world, where light speed and online behavior can be monitored. It can be easily tested if this is the case if you want to retain or remain in the competition.


Is Responsive Design Essential for eCommerce Business?

A recent study has shown that we have considerably changed our patterns of online engagement during the period since 2012.

In this period, the percentage of accessing the internet on their phones has more than doubled. It’s no surprise that the percentage of adults using a smartphone as their main phone has almost tripled.

Based on their online activity, the study also suggests that of these, 90% used the internet for communication, 40% for information, 70% for entertainment, 67% for general browsing and surfing.


Why Do Responsive Design Really Matters in your Business?

A responsive website design has been constructed in such a way that all of the content is viewable to a user regardless of whether they are accessing that site via mobile phone, desktop, tablet, or on any other platform.

A single URL makes it easy to manage the business owner and makes it easy for Google to index the site for new content.

Having a separate mobile website means managing two sites and the search engines work so hard to direct your website’s information correctly. Often you can watch your own habits online and make others’ opinions about behavior.
Responsive design sites load more quickly on mobile devices than desktop websites. Most loads of mobile devices can be frustrating to a user and they can increase your chances of potential to keep your site up to more users.

If you are browsing for information and navigating the websites you visit or receiving it in the Products section.


How to Test Responsive Design?

There are many free tools, eg Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Responsive Design Checker allows you to see how your website looks and experiences across different devices.

The first tool only checks whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. But then enables you to see how your website is being displayed in a wide range of desktops, tablets and smartphone platforms.


The process of finding the liability of websites using these tools is very simple and uninterrupted. For example, a Responsive Design Checker tool is required to show you only the URL. You need to provide and choose the size from the display’s categories and whether your website is responsive. It’s just that easy!

The increasing trend of using all searches and mobile internet shows that a seamless mobile site experience is more important. Therefore, having a responsive website is not only needed to sell more but also to create a brand identity and to have a permanent relationship with your customers, indicating that they are an important component of your business success.


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