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According to the website design and development company in Kolkata, user experiences are directly influenced by the offers provided by the design.

One must know the technical aspects related to the hardware and software of smartphones before trying to design smartphones.

The greater the knowledge you have regarding the device, the greater your ability to use various functions present in our device with great ease and fun.


Smartphones have earned the commendable importance of being the most famous device with Internet access in a very short time. This has offered more employment opportunities to unemployed people who can earn by developing applications and mobile websites, etc.


Let’s see some of the best features to design a smartphone that is mentioned below:


1. Software development

It is usually done with the help of two types of operating systems, namely Android and iOS.
The Android has been considered as the operating system used for the first time for smartphones and has been improving for years.

On the other hand, the iOS is surely for the users of the Apple iPhone, therefore, it is more expensive to use.


2. Hardware development

The operation of a smartphone is much like that of a computer but in a shorter way. The smartphone is made up of parts similar to computers like memory and several processors.
The smartphone has certain specific hardware systems that can not be found on computers.


Let’s look at some hardware components that a designer should always consider when designing a smartphone, which is as follows:


When framing a design for touch screens, two important things should be taken into account. First, the tactile sensitivity that is essential for resistance to damaging environmental conditions and is also sensitive to touch. Second, the quality of the resolution seems to be an important feature that is linked to energy consumption.


GPS (global positioning system)

Almost all smartphones, except phones with an exceptionally lower budget, include GPS chipsets that provide information on the location of smartphones, but accuracy may vary. Therefore, designers should look for the location that provides the services for some items.



It is not a mandatory feature of all smartphones. Its main function is to access the speed of movement of the mobile phone and account for the direction of movement of the smartphone.
Know this feature if you have downloaded a health-related application in which the function of a pedometer is very common.



O-board cameras are the most common feature in all smartphones available in the market.
The quality of the camera can vary within different smartphones according to the customer’s budget range. The quality of the camera can be accessed on the basis of two components: resolution and availability.


Detection of fingerprints

The option of scanning fingerprints is the most frequent feature of the upcoming smartphones today.
Technological advances have led to the discovery of recognizing the user by fingerprints. It is very appreciated by the users.


Icon formation

The design of the icons should be done in such a way that the complicated symbols are avoided and the labeling of the icons should be easy for the comprehensive purpose of the user and also, the size of the icon should be taken into consideration since the extra small size icons They are uncomfortable to use.

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We must always take into account all the age groups of the population while designing a smartphone because the elderly face more difficulties when operating a complicated smartphone and the features must be designed in such a way that the smartphone is really useful for them.

The best designer is one that takes into account the physical and psychological characteristics of users when creating a smartphone.


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